Scianta is now a BlueVoyant company

We build software to enhance BlueVoyant Security Services

With this acquisition, Scianta becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueVoyant. BlueVoyant can now leverage Scianta technology to provide cutting edge security capabilities such as Actor Behavior Analyses Services on top of the managed detection and response (MDR), and powered by BlueVoyant’s 24/7 cloud-based managed security operations center (SOC). There’s so much more to come so check back soon as we can’t wait to share!

Actor Behavior

Cribl DB Connection Manager

Transaction Analysis

Scianta Actor Behavior Analysis (ABA) protects organizations from insider threats by utilizing proprietary Behavioral Analytics to model the behavior of bad actors (people, computers, and services) to generate human-like insights into behaviors, activities, anomalies and patterns discovered from your Splunk event data.

ABA provides a variety of pre-built Behavioral Analytic Packages to detect different categories of TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), as defined by industry recognized data standards, providing actionable threat content for the SOC Analyst.

The DB Connection Manager (DCM) provides the ability to provision custom lookup functions and database collectors to fetch data from SQL and NoSQL databases within the Cribl environment.

To increase performance and efficiency in a high cardinality environment while supporting dynamic injection of critical information making events more valuable.

We currently support DB2, Mongo, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, and SQL Server.

Scianta Transaction Analytics (STA) is a workflow application for the Cribl platform.  Using real-time transaction monitoring in streaming  transaction data we are quickly able to find and fix performance issues leading to significant security issues.

We bring events together based on qualitative expressions and send it off as a single transaction to a security cluster.

Event aggregation is the key in analyzing relevant data to make better business decisions.

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