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Scianta Analytics is founded at the junction of academic rigor and industry experience. With decades of combined experience in industrial computing, enterprise software, and the Big Data world, Scianta’s founders bring a wealth of deep knowledge to the art of Cognitive Computing.

Founder & CEO

Bill Thackrey has been an innovative technologist from his earliest days designing and building state-of-the-art skydiving gear and closed circuit mixed gas scuba gear (rebreathers). Mr. Thackrey founded Advanced Supermarket Technologies, designing and delivering energy management and refrigeration automation systems to the supermarket industry. He founded Apple’s first non-storefront dealer, delivering leading edge digital imaging systems to aerospace and industry.

Bill was the founding manager of the Advanced Solutions Group at Belmont Software, consulting to BMC and delivering carrier-class, cloud-based orchestration and automation solutions to the world’s most forward-thinking companies. He has developed a reputation for organizing and leading highly effective project teams and for delivering “impossible” technology projects. Together with business partner Mike Cormier, Mr. Thackrey founded and is a managing director of Concanon LLC, the most respected professional services consultancy in the Splunk ecosystem.

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

A graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and History, Michael Cormier began his journey in technology leadership as a software developer at TRW in the 1980s. He spent four years as an SE at Sun Microsystems before taking on the role of Principal Technologist at Tivoli Systems.  Mr. Cormier supported Tivoli’s growth in the IT Operations Management software space through the company’s IPO and subsequent merger into IBM.

Mike then became Principal Technologist at configuration management software startup Marimba. Mike remained at Marimba through its IPO and subsequent aquisition by BMC software. Mike has consulted to a number of high-profile technology firms including BMC software. During this period Mike also served as Managing Partner on several successful commercial real estate projects.

Mr. Cormier founded Scianta Analytics LLC in 2009 with Earl Cox and Bill Thackrey, where he serves as Chief Technology Officer.  Together with business partner Bill Thackrey, Mike founded and is a managing director of highly successful Splunk consultancy, Concanon LLC.

Chief Engineering Officer and Vice President, Software Development

Mr McGlynn brings over 30 years of experience to Scianta and is responsible for product development, quality assurance, and customer service. Joe has served in CTO, VP of Development, and Director of Development roles at several early stage software companies, taking early stage software products to market.  Joe has held director positions in the Strategic Business Solutions Group, Marketing, and Global Services Groups at Software AG (formerly webMethods). With extensive expertise in SOA and Enterprise Architecture, Joseph was involved with projects at large financial institutions (including ABN AMRO, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, National City Bank, Capital One, Bank of Oklahoma, and Banque National du Canada).

Joe started his career as a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories and has been awarded various patents and the Malcom Baldridge Award.

Founder, Chief Scientist

Scianta Analytics’ cognitive science efforts began with the work of Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Earl Cox.  Earl began working with the late Lotfi Zadeh of UC Berkeley in the 1970s.  Dr. Zadeh is widely regarded as the “father of fuzzy logic”. Before long, Dr. Cox expanded upon Dr. Zadeh’s theories, developing solutions that applied fuzzy mathematics to business analytics and data science.  A noted lecturer and thought leader in business analytics, Dr. Cox has published four books, a score of journal articles and countless white papers on the subject.

Earl Cox’s work is “…An important contribution… certain to have wide ranging impact by showing how fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic can be employed to exploit the tolerance for imprecision, and how they make it possible to address problems that lie beyond the reach of traditional methods.” – Lotfi Zadeh

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