Cognitive Computing for Big Data – Coates

Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, and Artificial Intelligence are heavily overloaded terms, and often treated as if they could be a "silver bullet" remedy to any problem in Big Data. Review what's feasible and what is less so in our Cognitive Computing for Big Data presentation. [ PDF | Video ]

Introduction to Machine Intelligence – Coates 

Scianta is happy to release this free training material that covers the basics for applying machine intelligence and cognitive computing concepts to big data sources. You'll learn quickly about data handling, anomaly detection, transaction behavior analysis, and impact analysis, without bogging down in the details of implementation.

  1. Intro to Machine Intelligence [ PDF | Video ]
  2. Data Handling part 1 [ PDF | Video ]
  3. Data Handling part 2 [ PDF | Video ]
  4. Anomaly Detection [ PDF | Video ]
  5. Transactional Behavior [ PDF | Video ]
  6. Impact Analysis [ PDF | Video ]

Principles of Cognitive Computing – Cox

We're pleased to announce the release of Volume 1: Principles of Cognitive Computing by Earl Cox, Chief Scientist, Scianta Analytics. The first chapter of Dr. Cox's forthcoming book on cognitive computing, this is an excellent deep dive into the science underlying Scianta Analytics Conceptual Search and Semantic Reasoning engines.  While the subject matter is quite technical, Dr. Cox delivers it in the approachable, easy to understand style that has made him one of the most important authors and thought leaders in machine learning, fuzzy logic and cognitive computing. [ PDF ]