Is All ML Created Equal?

When Scianta Chief Scientist, the late Earl Cox, and Scianta CEO Bill Thackrey first spoke about the bleeding edge of Machine Learning at Splunk’s .conf 2013, they described a human-centric, qualitative-expression-based machine intelligence that had come to be called “Cognitive Computing”.  By 2013, Scianta Analytics had begun to build its Cognitive Computing platform for Splunk. the Scianta Cognitive Modeler.  The SCM Platform, for the first time, allowed human-centric, qualitative-expression-based machine intelligence to be applied at the massive scale required by Big Data systems like Splunk. Built upon SCM’s patented, ground breaking cognitive computing  technology, Scianta Analytics Extreme Vigilance delivers powerful solutions to important business, cybersecurity, IoT and data science use cases in Splunk.Scianta Enables Splunk to Conquer Important New Analytics Use Cases

Splunk Enterprise is arguably the most flexible and powerful Big Data platform available today. There is no better platform for analyzing the huge volume of events that occur within your enterprise. But for many important use cases, it isn’t enough to just analyze the events themselves. You need to understand the behavior behind the events. By employing leading edge cognitive analytics, Scianta Analytics’ Extreme Vigilance empowers Splunk Enterprise with unmatched behavior-based analytics capability.

Scianta’s proprietary and patented cognitive computing technology powers Scianta’s groundbreaking Scianta Cognitive Modeler (SCM) platform. SCM is architected to work within Splunk, turning Splunk Enterprise into the world’s most powerful cognitive analytics platform. One or more Extreme Vigilance apps incorporate focused vertical domain expertise to channel this incredible power to deliver unmatched analytics and decision support for important, high-return use cases, including actor behavior for insider threat, transactional anti-fraud, IT operations analytics, transaction sequence analysis, customer journey analytics and much more.

Scianta Cognitive Analytics: The Insight You Need to Make Intelligent Decisions

If you’re a data analyst, your most precious resource is time. Whether you’re a security analyst defending your company against an ever-increasing flood of exploits, a fraud analyst guarding against financial transaction fraud, an IT Operations analyst working to maintain and optimize your firm’s operational infrastructure, or a business analyst striving to understand and enhance your customer’s journey, you need tools that intelligently guide you with real insight about things you care about, instead of overwhelming you with a sea of nonsensical alerts.

The Scianta Cognitive Modeler™ employs proprietary multi-pass cognitive analysis to derive human-like insight from your Splunk event data. SCM first models the behavior of the people, services, transactions and entities behind the events. Analysis of this behavior yields Cognitive Signals™ that represent anomalies, sequences and actions discovered within the behavior. Stored in Splunk indexes, Cognitive Signals are recursively analyzed for hazards, threats and other cognitive rule-based conditions. Significant signals are delivered to you as highly focused notable events for resolution within Splunk’s incident response framework. This allows you to spend your time and energy on alerts that matter and to make decisions guided by extraordinarily powerful machine intelligence.

In a Big Data World You Need Machine Intelligence That Scales

A number of vendors oer credible behavior analysis solutions that can cope with traditional data volumes. These solutions don’t scale well in the world of Big Data. This is a particular problem in a client/server architecture like Splunk Enterprise where adding even simple machine learning can overwhelm the compute capacity of the infrastructure.

Borne of years of experience delivering enterprise-class Splunk deployments at some of the world’s largest and most technically advanced companies, Scianta’s SCM architecture is designed from the ground up with scale in mind. Scianta’s Cognitive Compute Mesh™ distributes the analytics compute load across all or part of the Splunk Enterprise infrastructure. As cognitive analytics load increases, additional Splunk servers can be added as dedicated SCM Knowledge Nodes, ooading cognitive analytics compute tasks from the primary Splunk infrastructure. The resulting Cognitive Knowledge Web™ provides groundbreaking analytics power to deliver compelling, high performance solutions to multiple complex use cases in even the largest of Splunk deployments.

About Cognitive Computing

So what exactly is Cognitive Computing?  Cognitive Computing is the human-centric, qualitative-expression-based machine intelligence that powers next-generation analytics solutions from Scianta Analytics.

Cognitive Computing

Solving business problems by automating the basic elements of human thought is the next frontier of Machine Intelligence. Scianta is proud to offer the premier Cognitive Computing products for the enterprise.

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