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At Scianta Analytics, we believe that an educated customer is a happy, successful customer. We design our software to be incredibly powerful while being extraordinarily easy to use. Our cognitive rules, for example, are built with a graphical rule builder and using plain English semantics. A typical rule might be “If the temperature is becoming hot very quickly, then open a critical ticket.” A firm grasp of the technology that powers Scianta’s rules helps you understand the best way to solve your particular problem in the world of business intelligence. This section of our site is dedicated to helping you understand our approach, the science of cognitive computing, and how other customers have accomplished incredible things with Extreme Vigilance.


As you explore Scianta’s technology and the world of cognitive computing, you’ll come across some terminology you may be unfamiliar with. We’ve gathered a few terms here which we think will be helpful for you to know.


You’ll find technical deep dives into our products, articles on fuzzy logic, and reviews of machine learning concepts, as well as more formal treatments of our technology and the underlying science that drives it.

Solution Spotlights

Solution Spotlights explore many of the most interesting case studies from real-world customers using our technologies. You’ll find an impressive return on investment using Scianta Analytics technology across a wide cross section of vertical markets and problems spaces.

Hands On Learning

At Scianta Analytics we strongly believe in learning by doing. All of our products include documentation built directly into the software.


Scianta Analytics Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Earl Cox is a widely respected expert in the fields of cognitive computing, machine learning, and fuzzy logic.

Cognitive Computing

Solving business problems by automating the basic elements of human thought is the next frontier of Machine Intelligence. Scianta is proud to offer the premier Cognitive Computing products for the enterprise.

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