Extreme Vigilance Analytics Workbench

Extreme Vigilance Analytics Workbench

Review cognitive rule violations in the context of the semantic concepts defined in the rule. Drill down to identify root cause and explore the underlying events. 

Use an intuitive cognitive rule builder to easily capture business rules to discover, identify and classify transactions. Optimize inventories, logistics, system performance and customer journeys. Identify and prevent possible fraudulent activity. 

Analyze service and component health via graph templates of service relevancies. Quickly identify inter-dependencies and anomalies and explore root cause. 

Join Scianta at Splunk .Conf2017

Scianta Analytics is pleased to sponsor Splunk's 8th Annual user conference.  Scianta team members attended our first .conf in 2012 and spoke at the show for the first time in 2013.  It has been exciting to see and participate in Splunk's incredible growth over the years.  This year is a particularly exciting year. The conference will be a meeting place and a forum for networking and education for more than 6000 Splunk enthusiasts from around the world.  If you haven't registered to attend, you should consider it.

On Cognitive Computing

You'll read a great deal on these pages about Cognitive Computing. It's a term we're sure you'll hear more of in the trade press in the coming months.  Among the players carving out this category along with Scianta Analytics are IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Computers, Google DeepMind, Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics, and Cognitive Scale.   Let's talk for a moment about what's meant by the term Cognitive Computing.
Machine Learning vs Cognitive Computing

This is the Year of the Machine Learning Revolution!