Extreme Vigilance

Extreme Vigilance CyberSecurity

Extreme Vigilance CyberSecurity applies the power of Scianta’s groundbreaking cognitive analytics platform to deliver behavior-based threat analytics and discovery solutions to Splunk Enterprise. XVCS guides you through critical decision making with deep human-like insight and data-driven decision support.

Play back the sequence of an actor’s behavior that triggered an alert, in context with the expected behavior of that actor or their peers. Drill down to the underlying actions and events that comprise the behavior to explore the incident in depth, identify root cause and evaluate the risk to the enterprise.

Visualize the behavior of an actor in comparison to her peers. Determine the degree to which the behavior is anomalous. Drill down to replay and explore the actor’s behavior sequence.

Discover changes in an actor’s behavior pattern over time. Quickly identify new patterns of behavior and determine the risk to the enterprise of that behavior.

Cognitive Computing

Solving business problems by automating the basic elements of human thought is the next frontier of Machine Intelligence. Scianta is proud to offer the premier Cognitive Computing products for the enterprise.

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