Scianta REALtime Analytics

Perform machine intelligence based analytics, manipulation and control on data in real time in the ingestion stream

Scianta Analytics REALtime™ leverages the Cribl™ ingestion engine to analyze, transform and route data prior to ingestion into Splunk.  REALtime analytics can apply Cognitive Rules to mask, enrich, fork and route data in flight using knowledge gained by Scianta Analytics Extreme Vigilance and the Scianta Cognitive Modeler (SCM). Using REALtime’s Cognitive Rules Engine, results of this pre-ingestion analysis can trigger Enterprise Orchestration actions, including Phantom Playbooks, via SCM’s command and control module.

Cognitive Computing

Solving business problems by automating the basic elements of human thought is the next frontier of Machine Intelligence. Scianta is proud to offer the premier Cognitive Computing products for the enterprise.

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