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Extreme Search for Splunk

Extreme Search for Splunk enables the Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms with qualitative expression, semantic reasoning and concept-based contextual search. Extreme Search enables dynamic, adaptive thresholding for the Splunk security analyst.

Co-developed by Scianta Analytics and Splunk Inc., Extreme Search (XS) is part of the Splunk App for Enterprise Security (ES). Extreme Search for Splunk is owned and supported by Splunk. It is not necessary to use the XSV app or the Splunk App for Enterprise Security to use Extreme Search. Since Extreme Search is implemented as a set of extensions to Splunk’s search language, it is available to any Splunk app.

Extreme Search Visualization for Splunk

Scianta Analytics has released a “Helper” app for Extreme Search, called Scianta Extreme Search Visualization (XSV), free of charge. We strongly encourage you to download and install XSV to better understand Extreme Search configuration and use. Get it from Splunkbase at (link is external).

Scianta Extreme Search Visualization provides a robust set of tools to help you create, manage and explore Extreme Search knowledge objects. It also provides tools and dashboards for visualizing the operation of Extreme Search’s semantic reasoning. XSV also includes new Context types which help you with anomaly detection and statistical analysis. Additionally, XSV provides valuable documentation about Extreme Search.

Scianta Cognitive Modeler and Scianta Analytics Extreme Vigilance Support

For customers with a paid Scianta Analytics software license we provide Enterprise-class Support with targeted response times, telephone contact, support portal, and software upgrades.

Case Priority Levels

Scianta Analytics offers different response times and case handling based on case priority levels.

  • P1 = A production installation of purchased Scianta Analytics software is completely inaccessible or the majority of its functionality is unusable.
  • P2 = One or more important features of purchased Scianta Analytics software has become unusable.
  • P3 = Any other case where a feature of purchased Scianta Analytics software is not operating as documented.
  • P4 = All enhancement requests and general questions.

Support for Scianta Analytics products starts with an email to

Cognitive Computing

Solving business problems by automating the basic elements of human thought is the next frontier of Machine Intelligence. Scianta is proud to offer the premier Cognitive Computing products for the enterprise.

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